This web site covers the English entries for surnames originally written (or later transcribed) as Strangeway Strangeways Strangewayes Strangewaies Strangway Strangways Strangwayes Straingways Straingewaies Straingways Strangesways Strangewaise Strangwaise Strangwas Strangwyse etc.

There is also some info on the families that have been recorded for us as Strandguidge Strandgwidg Strandgwidge Strandwidge Strandwige Strangewich Strangewiche Stranguadg Stranguage Stranguide Stranguidge Stranguish Strangwage Strangwich Strangwiche Strangwick Strangwidg Strangwidge Strangwieg Strangwige etc. Even though it is not clear if these surnames all have the same root.

It is not, therefore, a full, worldwide, one-name study but it does get close and provides a large percentage of the known references to this group of surnames.

Unlike any of the other surnames that I have researched these families do have records going back to medieval times. Not just in their own right but also through marriages to some of the most powerful families in England at that time. more..

It is also different in that it involves some important people right through to the 19th and 20th centuries including the Fox-Strangways, Bull-Strangways and Swainston-Strangwayes lines of “landed” families. Many of whom were entitled to (or claimed) a Coat of Arms more..

So quite a range - from labourers to earls - within a 650 year span of history.

I hope you find something here that is a small help when researching your family history. - good luck and fruitful searching.

Brian Townsley



8-Jan-2019 The Strangways-Towneley records on Webtrees have been taken offline due to errors most likely caused by the total database size having exceeded the 1Gb limit set by our ISP. This means that only the Townsley Extended tree is available online and that the landed gentry and peerage tree is currently only available as a download.

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4-Nov-2016 New pages containing copies of pedigrees for some Yorkshire Strangways families are now online more ... and the latest Strangways-Towneley records are now available via Webtrees here ...

28-Jul-2016 A copy of the family history study entitled “A Stapley History ... ” has now been added more ...

18-Jul-2016 News of the publication of a new book entitled “The Yorkshire Strangwayes” by the grandson, and sole descendant, of Darcy Edward Swainston-Strangwayes of Alne (1869-1920) more ...
Also the Webtrees interactive family trees have been updated regularly with corrections and new entries for both the Townsley Extendedand the Strangways-Towneley records and can be freely accessed
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11-Nov-2015 Updated data is now available on the Webtrees interactive system. The expanded information includes both the Townsley Extendedand the Strangways-Towneley records as two separate trees. It can be freely accessed here ... selecting the required tree from that home page.

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Webtrees is claimed to be the web's leading on-line collaborative genealogy application. It is open source software based upon PHP, MySQL and standard GEDCOM files. All the commoners records used to create this Strangeway Family web site are contained within the single family history database, named Townsley Extended, and can be freely accessed
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